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Why Do We Photograph Pets? That's Easy, We Adore Them!

They're goofy, they're sweet, they're hyper, they're shy and they might even stink a little but they're yours and you love them. My goal is to show your pets in the same light you see them. That look, the smile, that little thing they do that you know so well. I want to see the beauty and dignity and silliness captured in a moment in time and the intense, playful relationships between humans and their creatures. And what finer thing is there than to spend a few hours in the company of animals and those that love them?

My pet photography business was started solely to bring joy. That's it. I want you to laugh, be moved, see something completely familiar and yet something you've never seen before in your pet. 

I have two new boys, Mango, a long-haired black cat, and my long-haired tuxedo, Kiwi. They are the most social, outgoing cats I've ever had and I'm loving getting to know them. I adopted them from my local pound. They are each 3-years-old, making them harder to adopt, and one of them is pure black, another often overlooked animal. I don't even know why they were there, they are so fantastic, but I am thrilled they are with me now. You'll see them -- a lot -- on this website. That's Kiwi introducing himself just a week after we got him.

I had a photo taken of 6-month-old Typo, my cat, and me in 1991 by a professional photographer. Typo's gone now but that image makes me happy every time I see it. It's a real photograph, not something that lives somewhere in my computer. If it did, it would be long gone. That's what I want you to have. A tangible portrait that makes you happy every time you see it -- forever.

Let me take a picture of you and your pets. You will love the pictures now, you will cherish them later. I promise.

Give me a call and let’s set a play date. I’m in Los Angeles, 818.481.5214. Shy of the phone? Me too, sometimes. Shoot me an email at diana at dianalundin.com

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