Modern Pet Portraiture in Los Angeles
The Sun is Setting
Wednesday, January 18, 2017 7:05PM
The Sun is Setting

The request was to give Ketzi a professional photo session. She is 17 now and is blind and deaf. She can no longer lift her head up. Her mom adores her but the constant companion she's had for so long now is slipping away. Ketzi is fading. We did the first shoot in my client's condo. But a few weeks later, we went to Santa Monica Palisades Park. Marla had just the idea she wanted. She wanted the two of them to be looking at the setting sun. A metaphor for her sweet girl's life. She may not pick these two images for her album, but I love them.    

Behind the Scenes of a Pet Photography Composite
Sunday, January 08, 2017 12:24PM
The Sun is Setting

DISCLAIMER: To be honest, just because I've been posting a lot of composites on the blog lately doesn't mean I like the regular pet photography sessions any less. I love them, I really do. I assure you, I love it. It's just when you have a chance to create something out of your own imagination in collaboration with a client, there's a certain magic that can happen.With that in mind, I wanted to show you a composite that a client wanted created for her company's holiday card. They are talent scouts and the previous year, we took the three of them against a gray backdrop and planted them in a jungle scene. Now because there were only people involved that year, I didn't post the image on my ...

A Winter Pet Photo Shoot in Los Angeles
Thursday, January 05, 2017 9:38AM
The Sun is Setting

You read winter and if you're not from one of the temperate states, maybe you think snow. Well, my friends, this pet photography photo shoot does not have any snowy elements. In fact, on the day we photographed these four dogs and two cats on an estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the end of December, it was pretty darn toasty outside, right around 80 degrees. Some would actually call it hot, at least I know I was sweating when we were shooting outside the bright, brilliant sunlight of mid-day Los Angeles.But anyway, I got a chance to photograph Cooper, Kitty, Scooter, Ink, Spotty and Titan. All with very distinct personalities.I loved this shoot. Yes, it took a long time, what with six ...

Color of the Year -- Greenery
Friday, December 30, 2016 1:01PM
The Sun is Setting

When I was a newspaper feature writer back in the day, I always got the Pantone press releases announcing the new color of the year. It made for a cute little story. I interviewed the executive director of the Color Association of the United States and she'd always tell me what colors would dominate fashion and interiors in the year ahead and even beyond that. I'm a huge fan of color, whether subtle or bold, and I love the theory behind all the prognostications.So circling back, not too long ago, Pantone announced Greenery (that would be Pantone color 15-0343) was going to be the color of the year. Pantone calls it a "refreshing and revitalizing shade... symbolic of new ...

Composite -- Kiwi at Sea -- Rescued!
Thursday, December 29, 2016 5:34PM
The Sun is Setting

My previous post of my composite image Phoebe at Sea met with a little flack, to tell you the truth. I know, some of it had to have been in jest, but I had a few people concerned that Phoebe wasn't going to make it out alive. That her kind of dog sort of sinks, not swims. She was too far from shore. She needed a rescue boat or a piece of the shore in view. She was from the Titanic. (Huh?)She was rescued, I tell you, rescued! Rescue dogs are rescued and Phoebe is a rescue dog!!! Originally from a bad breeder, she's now living the dream!Plus, it's a make believe image, I don't have to tell you that.So shortly on the heels of Phoebe at Sea, I created one with my cat Kiwi. Now I'm not playing ...