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Kiwi the Tuxedo Cat Welcomes YouWe're glad you found us!

Welcome to Modern Pet Portraiture, the award-winning pet photography of Diana Lundin! This is your starting point for the best pet photography in the greater Los Angeles area.

What do we do? Simple, we create artwork of your best friend.

We get it. Your pets are your family, too. Beautiful portraits of your animals is Job One. That's our specialty.

Feel free to take a look at all the gorgeous faces we have around here!

And when you're ready, drop us a line or give us a call at 818.481.5214 and we'll plan a photo shoot just for you.

We serve Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties and we want to be your pet photographer.

Oh, and that little face greeting you? That's Kiwi, our public relations specialist. Don't be intimidated by his formality. He insists on wearing a tuxedo to work every day, even on casual Fridays.

Want more information? Just fill out my quickie contact form and Kiwi will be in touch with you pronto.


Your Gorgeous Dog!

We know what you're thinking. "My dog will never sit still for a portrait." Au contraire, mon ami! Whether your dog is an extrovert, a little timid or an unruly mess, we know how to work with them to get a beautiful portrait you'll be proud to hang on your wall. Put your worries aside. Pet photography is our specialty, not a sideline. But you know what else? You will never regret having a great photograph of your dog. Not ever.

You Can't Take These with Your Phone

We love our phone, we do, and we use it all the time to take the cutest photos of our pets. But don't you want to be with your dog or cat, too? This is beyond the selfie. Be a part of their picture. The bonus? You can show these off on your phone, too, with our custom mobile app. Done and done.

Your Exquisite Cat!

We know cats, we have two of them! Yes, cats are more unpredictable than dogs but... if they aren't the type that always hides under the bed (believe me, we had one), we can photograph them. Yes, we have secrets. No, we won't divulge them. OK, we have a cat whisperer on staff.

What Story Can Your Pet Tell?

This is Hollywood, superstars, and animals can play make-believe, too. Unique to Modern Pet Portraiture is the opportunity to have your pets be the lead character in their own story with our Storytelling Sessions. Together we come up with an idea, simple or maybe a little elaborate, and create an unforgettable image. Take a look at our work and imagine the world your dog or cat can inhabit! Now... ready for your close-up?

Modern Pet Portraiture -- The Video

Take a look at these gorgeous dogs, cats and people!