My Own Introduction to Professional Pet Photography

Diana and Typo, 1992Psst, see that guy and that girl to the left? Yeah, that's me and my 6-month-old boy Typo in 1991. I know, I know, a really long time ago. My beloved guy is gone many years and suffice it to say I don't look like that anymore. But here's the thing. How old is that photo? Do the math. (I'll wait while you subtract). Yeah. Old! Ouch! It was taken by professional photographer Lori Valesko back before pet photography was a thing.

This photo is the dearest one I have of him. It makes me happy every time I see it. It's a real photo, it doesn't just live on a computer. It's lasted. Our photo shoot was way back before digital, back before point-and-shoots, back before your handy iPhone. This was a film shoot in a studio with real lighting equipment. It was special.

These days, you can take easy photos, you really can. And some will be good, some will be blurry, some you just love because you know your pet so well.

But professional photography still is special. Of course you want all the ones on your phone, I take them, too. But I love a really well crafted photo that comes from a sharp lens, fast camera and a good eye. I have that equipment and I think I have that eye.

You have many choices when it comes to pet photography. I have not only invested a lot in state-of-the-art equipment, I have worked and studied hard to present you with my take on pet photography and I hope you can see the results of that. If you can see the difference in what I'm offering you, in the lighting, in the composition, in the color, in the posing and in the creativity, I hope you will entrust me with the honor of photographing your dog or cat.

Yes, you will find photographers across a wide pricing spectrum but before you hire one, make sure your money will get you what you want.

Diana Lundin

Before I was a photographer (although, come on, I started in the high school darkroom when I was 16 -- don't do the math), I was a newspaper reporter. Storytelling is in my DNA. I want to tell your pet's story. I want you to have a cherished photo like I have a cherished photo, a photo that will make you happy every time you see it.

And that striking black and white guy? That's Kiwi, one of my new boys. Funny, that one. He's very amenable to a camera and I love photographing him, with my professional equipment and my cell phone. He and his brother Mango take up a lot of wall space around here. I'll find more space. That painting over there just might have to go... .

Give me a call at 818.481.5214 or send an email to diana@dianalundin.com so we can begin plotting your amazing photography experience! You can even just fill out our quickie contact form and we'll get right back to you.