Congratulations on having your pet photographed! We're gonna have fun!

First, let's get your session on the calendar. Your session will be at your choice of amenable locations (your house, a park, a beach that allows dogs, etc.). Keep in mind some locations might require a permit, which must be obtained in advance and at your expense. I can recommend good outdoor locations.

  • If you want an outdoor shoot, we will schedule the session about an hour and a half before sunset. It is the best time of day for outdoor images. We will shoot natural light but also have additional lighting as well so don't worry about that. Indoor shoots can be scheduled almost any time during the day. You can schedule your session any of the seven days in the week, we are full-time photographers.
  • Your session covers up to two dogs or cats and two adults in the same household.
  • About a week or two after our session, I will meet you at your house and we will reveal your images (ta-da!) and show you samples of all the products I carry so that you can place your order.
  • My price list for collections is here and my a la carte pricing is here. Please note, I do my absolute best to accommodate your availability but I do not offer online galleries for ordering nor is a CD of images included.
  • After you place your order, I will polish your images to perfection, place your order from one of my specially curated vendors, and in about three weeks, I will hand deliver your bespoke purchases to you. And with that, you get to gaze upon the visage of the little creature you love so well.

Now isn't that fun? I assure you, it will be!

Oh, wait, you're afraid to have your dog off leash in an outdoor location? About 97 percent of my images of a dog off leash outside are taken with the leash on. The leashes are edited out in the retouching process. Now you see it, now you don't. Your dog's safety is paramount. Oh yes, leash removal is complimentary on any purchased image. Harnesses and sports bras? We don't recommend that your pet wear them on their shoot (hey, great time to buy a beautiful collar!) as they overwhelm your pet. Removal of them will be charged at market retouching rates.

Leash Removal

Ready? Email me at or give me a call, 818.481.5214. Or just fill out our quickie contact form and we'll get right back to you. We're here to get you what you want!