Cats, Cats, Cats!
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Friday, June 05, 2020
By Diana Lundin
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I started revamping my website a few months ago and got totally squirreled. I think I started it last year but you know... priorities. But now I'm really into it with more recent shoots, the greatest hits (my favorites), buried treasures, etc. Plus, I've had a lot of time to not only finally do it but now I have the opportunity to put some of the more advanced retouching skills I've been learning since the last update.

I still don't have a recognizable style, which I don't know if that's a good thing or not. I'm all over the map. Maybe because I do indoor, outdoor, lifestyle, studio, conceptual, themed, dark and dramatic, light and airy, and humor.

But as I look through the archives until I can shoot again, I'm taking a second look at cats! To be honest, 94 percent of my shoots are with dogs and I'm looking at them, too, but I was looking at the old website (yeah, this one) and realized I needed to up my cat game.

So here's one for you cat lovers! I'm one, I have two!

And yes, cats can be photographed. If they are social and friendly, I might add. We do them in the home most of the time but we've been to a few cat shows in our time.

Here you go, cat fans!!

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