For All Essential Workers... Thank You
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Thursday, April 30, 2020
By Diana Lundin
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Well, today I was tested for the corona virus, part of Los Angeles' free tests for everyone. I'll get my results back in a few days. I'm not sick. No symptoms at all. I WAS sick in Morocco, but I think that was a cold. It ran around our tour group, five of us getting it. I got it last. Blech. But according to the symptoms, it was more like a cold. Anyway, I took advantage of the free CV testing my city offered to everyone starting today, symptoms or no symptoms.

I haven't left the house much. In fact, I got in the car yesterday and I had a whopping seven miles on it since the last fill up, which I think was the beginning of March. Like the meme goes, I'm getting six weeks to the gallon. Since I have a Prius, even more!

I went to the grocery store with my mask and garden gloves on. It's been three weeks since I did any shopping at all. I know that our health care workers are doing everything, EVERYTHING, to help people with Covid 19. But I can't help but think of the grocery store workers. Now no one should have to be exposed to a potentially lethal virus for doing their jobs but it seems like grocery workers, among so many others, are particularly exposed to coronavirus when that probably isn't what they signed up for. And I really, really feel for them. 

When it ends, I will offer the employees of my two main stores the possibility of getting a free, absolutely free, photo shoot. Whether they have pets or not. Headshot for work? Family photos? I can give that to them.

In the meantime, I'm still hunkered down, enjoying the beauty of my back yard and the pleasure -- most of the time -- of my two cat children.

How are you all holding up? Let me know. I really do care. I miss my business but not because it's a business... because it's art and because you are humans with animals I so enjoy spending time with. My clients are fantastic and so many have turned into friends. 

So here is one for the workers and for you... stay safe... and remember... we are all essential.

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